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'The Return Ticket' is the story of a young Sheffield lad (Paul) whose father left the local coal mine to join the Royal Navy in 1960. Sadly, things did not go to plan down south. His mother had a catastrophic breakdown and was sent to an asylum in Hampshire where she was incarcerated for 18 months under the mental health act. Paul was quickly dispatched up north to his native village of Swallownest, near Sheffield, to live with his grandparents. It was here a northern adventure began. Paul reflects that most of the wonderful characters in his book have sadly passed away and rest in peace beneath the green green grass of home in his local village cemetery. Paul’s book is a tribute to many characters he observed whilst growing up, and learning his lessons in life.

The Memoir
Paul Donoghue

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The Return Ticket Story of a Yorkshire Lad

About the Author

Paul Donoghue’s early memoir of life growing up in the 1960s-70s will tug at your heart strings and have you laughing out loud with the turn of every page. 'The Return Ticket' is sometimes heart wrenching, always poignant, and more often than not, absolutely hilarious.


Paul’s story of his mother’s harrowing mental illness, his subsequent redemption in his South Yorkshire homeland and his reluctant return ‘down south’ will both entertain and move you. A wonderful story told with warmth and a good old dose of Yorkshire grit.

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This book is so well written, it grips you and want's you to keep turning the pages to find out what happens next, but also with caution, as you aren't quite sure if you want to know what happens to the young lad. But... in the end, you can't help but need to find out.


South Yorkshire

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